Sabahi Group

Sabahi Group started its operation by Mr. Nasser Sabahi in 1980. By establishing its first commercial unit under the name of Sabahi Enterprises Company obtaining reputable global representations in the fields of supplying raw materials for the food industry, chemical industry, packing equipment and peripheral components.

In 1985, management established Micronized Powders Company of Iran in City of Takestan in Qazvin Province, with the objective of producing calcium carbonate powders, pigment, and black masterbatch, the group entered into manufacturing field.

Having realized the need for an independent technical and engineering unit, the group took action to establish its technical arm under the name of Sabahi Engineering Tehran Company in 2005. The intention was to reinforce group’s strength for entering into different sectors of industry and trade, in association with the goals and micro/macro policies of the government. This completes the group’s circle of trade, production & Engineering.

The Group Knowing the importance of becoming internationalized took the first step by establishing “Sabahi Foreign Trade Co. Ltd.” (Sabahi Dis Tic) in 2012 at Istanbul with the aim of carrying representation, trading and engineering activities in the Turkish market.

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